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The Search for the Admins

The Search

You must have at least 50 to 100 edits on THIS wiki. Edits less than 50 are not acceptable and you will not be able to be admin. Also, you must be on the wiki at least everyday. You must be on the wiki for 5-7 days every week no less. To know that you are on the wiki, you must perform activity on the wiki such as a blog post, forum post, comment, or make or edit a page. Don't be negative or inappropriate with others. Some of the people that visit this wiki are young kids. Please be nice to others and do not do anything you were not told that effects the wiki a lot or something the founder doesn't appreciate. Follow guidelines at ALL times.

Not Everything About Admin Isn't Fun
You must think that "Oh, I didn't know that being admin is that boring here." You get to see the wiki in another way. You get to do more things than what others do. It's like you're in a whole new world. So stop being picky!

When Will It End?
The Search will end November 2nd and the choosing will take about 1-2 days. Only five will become admins so keep your fingers crossed if you want to be an admin! But I'm so happy!
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The Next Generation

Today, it's the time I have to get new admins. It's been great having you all and I'll never forget you. We are now finished with our first generation, and now we're on to the next generation. You guys were hardworking and supportive and I wouldn't do it without you all. :)
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3 More Days

Well, guys. It's time. We're closing to letting go of each other. We had some great times and moments. I would like all admins to edit a bit more pages and I want you to share a good moment you had as an admin here in the comments. It's sad to let go of you guys but well, it has to happen.
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Austin & Ally Wiki Awards

Everyone!!!!! Vote for Austinandallycupcake38795, Ausllygator, and me for the awards! You'll find us in one or some of the categories in User Division. Please vote for one of us! Remember you can only vote for one in each category!
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User Rules

Welcome Users! Now, I have rules for my admins and I also have rules for you! Here they are!

1. Do not vandalize or take away necessary information in articles and other things and add unnecessary information.
2. Do not be mean to others!
3. Don't be inappropriate or immature to others or on the wiki.
4. Try to participate in user activities like parties and contests.
5. Edit pages and contribute videos, photos, and pages!
Most importantly...

6. Have fun!
If you fail to follow these rules except rules 4 and 6, you will be banned from one day to forever. Anyways, I'll see you guys around! Bye!
Your founder,
=This is now not the official rules page. For the official rules page, click here.=
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