Ally Dawson

Full name

Allyson "Ally" Dawson






Penny Dawson

Lester Dawson

Ally Dawson is a 17-year-old talented, aspiring singer/songwriter who had severe stage fright. She wrote the hit song, "Double Take", which Austin accidently stole and performed in the episode Rockers & Writers, which made him famous. Ally forgives him and agrees to become partners. Ally is best friends with Trish, Austin, and Dez. Her parents are Lester and Penny Dawson. She has always had a passion for music and feels that there's no better way to express what you're feeling. Over the 2 seasons, she becomes more confident, in the episode Chapters & Choices, she conquers her stage fright, and sings a duet with Austin. She's a sweet girl and always tries her best to not hurt anyone's feelings. She has revealed to having a crush on Austin Moon in Girlfriends & Girl Friends.

She is portrayed by Laura Marano.


Ally is generally, shown to be kind, smart, talented, an straght A+ student, compassionate, friendly, passionate, smart, sweet, beautiful, generous, and caring. She is often described as a good person or a "goody goody." She's against all forms of rule breaking, even insignificant ones such as coloring outside the lines. She is often portrayed as girly, and sometimes meek. Ally, though she is a very talented singer/songwriter, has a severe case of stage fright that keeps her from achieving her dream of making it in the music business. She has been writing songs since she was little. She got most of her inspiration to keep writing songs from her old music teacher, Miss Suzy.

Ally is often shown not to be into things most teenagers consider fun, such as arcades, horror movies or pizza parlors, and enjoys slightly unusual activities, such as cloud watching (as seen in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers). She is more into writing and her father's store. She is very smart. She is somewhat geeky, but constantly tries to hide it when questioned or accused of it, which generally leads to either disasters or her appearing to be even more geeky.

Ally is also an incurable romantic. In Diners & Daters she not only tries to help Austin win Cassidy's heart by fixing his hair and writing a song for him to her, but also gushes over the fact that he got a job a the Melody Diner just to be close to her. In Backups & Breakups, she habitually sings about Trish's new boyfriend, a potential back-up dancer for Austin named Trent, until she finds out he's using Trish to get a gig with Austin.

In Season 2, she's been shown to have been gaining more confidence in herself. In Costumes & Courage, under disguise, she performed a duet with Austin. She was also glad that she was on the cover of Cheetah Beat in Magazines & Made-Up Stuff . Her wardrobe has also noticeably changed in Season 2, wearing things normal teenage girls would wear. She was even brave enough to bungee jump off a bridge, with the help of her friends Austin, Trish, and Dez. She's becoming a bit more sassy, also cool and collected like Austin through the season so far. Ally finally admitted to having feelings for Austin in Girlfriends & Girl Friends. Ally has also become more fun, more rule breaking, and more chill. She also overcame her stage fright in Chapters & Choices, with her friends and her mother.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Austin: I can't believe this is really happening...
Ally: Believe it, Austin. It's real. Just like zebras...
Dez: (Shakes his head doubtfully)
Ally: (Staring at him strangely)
Austin: Why are you staring at me like that?

Ally: Oh, I started tearing up during your performance and my eyes froze open.
Austin: (Waves his hand in front of her face)

Ally: (Nods in confirmation)
Ally: (About Emma) You better not leave any hairs behind. She has enough money to clone you.


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