Welcome Users! Now, I have rules for my admins and I also have rules for you! Here they are!

Wiki Rules
  • Do not vandalize or take away necessary information in articles and other things and add unnecessary information.  It will be erased immediately by our rollback!
  •  Do not be mean to others!
  • Don't be inappropriate or immature to others or on the wiki. There are kids that visit this site.
  • Try to participate in user activities like parties and contests.
  • Edit pages and contribute videos, photos, and pages!
  • Do not make pages that have no relation to the Austin & Jessie & Ally Crossover.
  • Do not create a page with false information about the topic of the wiki.
  • No cyberbullying! It hurts people and it loses the population on our wiki.
  • No spamming or chainmailing! Spamming means that you post a comment multiple times just to receive points and acheivements on the wiki. When you spam, you will be banned for a day.
  • Do not, I repeat, do not, edit user pages. They can only edit their page and if you wanted to, you must ask for permission. Lots of people on all wikis do this. Please do not do this on our wiki.
  • No profanity. Words such as "Hell" or "Damn" is not acceptable. It'll lead you to no warning whatsoever and will ban you for a week.
  • Inserting sexually explicit content or pictures can get you banned anywhere from a month up to a permanent ban.
  • Removing content based on your dislike of a particular pairing or any other topic is considered vandalism.
  • Please do not add unneeded categories or duplicate pages or you'll get blocked.
  • Do not remove or tamper with the templates. You'll be blocked.
  • Adding episodes from the Austin & Ally Wiki and the Jessie Wiki that are not related to the crossover means that it is an unrelated page. It may have something to do with Austin & Ally and Jessie, but it will still be deleted and will be an unrelated page.
Warning/Blocking Rules
  • Admins cannot use previous blocks in a different category against a user who is misbehaving in another category. For example, if a user vandalizes they get a warning. If the same user curses in a comment, they get another warning because it is in a different category.  But if you vandalize or break a rule on the wiki again in the same category, I'll give the user something called a Not Again slip. It means you're on probation and if you break a rule again even in a different category, you will be banned for a month.
  • Registered users are allowed to argue if they are blocked without a warning. The admins will do something about it.
  • Any anonymous users who vandalizes, post inappropriate comments, or bullies anyone will be blocked. Anonymous users will only get warnings in certain cases, determined by an admin or admins.
  • All registered users will get warnings before being blocked. Every user is entitled to a warning although some exceptions will be made. If we can tell that you are continuously disregarding these rules and guidelines and purposely going against them for "fun", we may not warn you. But, beware.
Comment/Message Wall/Forum Rules
  • Accept the opinions of others.
  • No inappropriate language/profanity.
  • Do not post any disturbing comments.
  • No irrelevant comments.
  • Agree to disagree with other users in a polite way.
  • Do not give out personal information.
  • Do not post any comments that may be offensive to other users.
  • Do not offend users.
  • Do not post any comments that will offend anybody and/or scare someone.
  • Do not put down other users for stating their opinion.
  • Do not ask questions that do not have to do with the page.
  • Comments cannot contain inappropriate content.
  • Do not post a survey that is not relevant to the page.
  • Not one form of cyber bullying will be accepted (no name calling, making fun of, bullying, intimidating).
  • Do not talk about personal life on a page. Example: Where were you born?
Blog Rules
  • Accept the opinions of others.
  • Agree to disagree.
  • Do not make pointless blog posts.
  • Do not talk about any disturbing topics.
  • No cyberbullying (no name calling, making fun of, bullying, intimidating).
  • Do not put down other users.
  • Blog posts cannot contain inappropriate content.
  • Do not offend users.
  • Do not give out personal information.
  • No inappropriate language/profanity
Chat Rules
  • Users need ten edits for chat.
  • Absolutely no profanity or inappropriate language.
  • Be careful with giving out personal information!
  • No inappropriate topics.
  • Do not put down other users
  • Do not scare users
  • Do not offend users
  • No cyberbullying (no name calling, making fun of, bullying, intimidating)
  • Accept the opinions of others.
  • Do not spam in chat!
  • Agree to disagree
  • Do not talk about any disturbing topics
  • If you ever feel uncomfortable about a certain topic being discussed, politely tell the user. If a user tells you this please respect their feelings and try to change the topic. However, the uncomfortable user should also make the option to leave chat open. If you are uncomfortable, just excuse yourself for a little while. These will avoid you or others with the topic.
  • If someone is bothering you, quickly find a chat moderator (a user with a star next to their name) and tell them or leave the chat and send an chat moderator or admin a message on their wall.  The admins will take care of it ASAP.
Biggest Rule of All!!
  •  Be safe and have fun on the wiki users and admins!

Your founder,