Austin Moon

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Austin Monics Moon






Mike Moon

Mimi Moon

Austin Monica Moon, better known as Austin Moon, a 17-years-old, aspiring singer who became an overnight internet sensation when he uploaded a video of himself singing Double Take, written by Ally and filmed by Dez. His manager is Trish. His best friends are Dez, Ally, and Trish. His parents are Mimi Moon and Mike Moon. Austin has always dreamed of being a famous singer/dancer since he was young. It has always been his life long dream to perform at Times Square, on New Year's Eve, which his friends helped him accomplish in Big Dreams & Big Apples. He is always there for his loved ones even though he can get a little naive, but he is still a sweet and a funny guy. He has revealed to having a crush on Ally Dawson in Campers & Complications.

He is portrayed by Ross Lynch.


Austin is considered to be outgoing, amazingly talented, cute, charming, and somewhat naive person, but he is generally really sweet and friendly. He is somewhat a musical prodigy. He can sing, dance, and play all instruments, yet he has trouble writing songs. Overnight, he becomes an internet sensation by singing one of Ally's songs in a music video directed by Dez. With the help of his friends, Austin is following his dream of making it in the music business. Austin sings the songs that Ally writes for him. He is shown to be a slight airhead, and also seems to love stuffed animals and pancakes. As well as very calm, cool and collected, he is more of a fun and rebellious person, who doesn't care about rules (demonstrated when he colors outside of the lines in a coloring book). He achieves his dream of performing in Times Square on New Year's Eve in, Big Dreams & Big Apples, thanks to his friends.

In Season 2,  Austin is bad at making decisions and communicating his feelings, like whether to choose Ally or Kira to be his girlfriend and giving the two girls mixed signals, which causes a love triangle. The same thing happened with Cassidy in Diners & Daters where he found it hard to communicate his feelings towards her. He is shown that he is bad at trivia in Season 2.

Character HistoryEdit

Big Dreams & Big ApplesEdit

In this special crossover episode, Trish books Austin to play in Time Square on New Year's Eve, his dream since childhood. The gang encounter the JESSIE crew, and they help Austin get into Time Square on time for his performace, and fufill his dream in time. He sings "Can You Feel It" in Time Square. Later in the crossover, he sings a duet with Jessie, called "Face 2 Face" back in Miami with was filmed by his best friend, Dez.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Austin: I can't believe this is really happening...
Ally: Believe it, Austin. It's real. Just like zebras...
Dez: (Shakes his head doubtfully)
Ally: (Staring at him strangely)
Austin: Why are you staring at me like that?

Ally: Oh, I started tearing up during your performance and my eyes froze open.
Austin: (Waves his hand in front of her face)

Ally: (Nods in confirmation)
Dez: Now that you've achieved this dream, what's next?
Austin: To borrow a warmer jacket. MAN, New York is cold...
Austin: (Singing Face 2 Face) Let's go get some pancakes!


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