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  • Austin Moon is a teenager that is propelled to stardom after he becomes an overnight internet sensation with the song Double Take.
  • Ally Dawson is a brilliant and talented teenager whom is restricted to only writing songs because of her paralyzing stage fright. Because of this, Ally eventually decides to become Austin's songwriter, even after he steals her song, Double Take.
  • Trish De la Rosa is the sarcastic, vindictive, ill-tempered, and lazy teenager that constantly gets fired from jobs due to her lack of effort and prescence at work. However, she takes her job as Austin's manager very seriously.
  • Dez is Austin's goofy and random best friend. He, however, manages to be quite serious when he does his job and directs Austin's projects.


  • Jessie Prescott is an idealistic and resourceful 18-year-old from rural Texas who moves to New York City to realize her dreams and becomes a nanny to the four Ross children along the way.
  • Emma Ross is a bubbly but cynical 14-year-old girl, eager to order the world the way she sees it. She is the only biological child of the bunch.
  • Luke Ross is a mischievous 12-year-old boy adopted at the age of five from Detroit who has a passion for video games and dancing. He considers himself a ladies' man and has taken a liking to Jessie in particular.
  • Ravi Ross is a 11-year-old boy from India and the newest adoptee to join the Ross family. He is imbued with the culture of his beloved homeland, but is thrilled with his new life in America.
  • Zuri Ross is an adorable, sassy 8-year old who was adopted at birth in Africa. She is the one who discovered Jessie in the first episode. She has close-knit relationships with Emma and Jessie. She is also Luke's partner-in-crime, but she lets him fend for himself.
  • Bertram Winkle is the frosty butler of the Ross family who begrudgingly helps Jessie navigate her job as nanny for the four Ross children.
  • Mrs. Kipling is the house pet, a 7-foot Asian Water Monitor lizard. Ravi found the lizard when Mrs. Kipling was only a egg, and she is his only link to Ravi's beloved homeland, India. While the series was in fruition, she was orignally a capybara.

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