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Emma Avery Ross is an extraordinarily beautiful, bubbly, and yet cynical 14-year-old girl. She is the real daughter of Morgan and Christina Ross, and an older sister to Zuri, Luke and Ravi Ross.

She is portrayed by Peyton List.


Emma is a girly, sweet, and very fashionable teenage girl. And though she is a bit of an airhead, she strives to do her personal best with everything she does. She also displays a little bit of sassy in everything she does. Emma has a very good sisterly bond with her sister Zuri, but usually fights with Luke and occasionally Ravi. She also admires her nanny, Jessie Prescott (most of the time). 
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Peyton List, her actress



Emma has long, blonde, straight hair and brown/hazel eyes. She loves fashion and everything girlish. Many people says that she is very pretty.

Character HistoryEdit

In Big Dreams & Big Apples, Emma finds out Austin Moon is performing in Times Square and she really wants to go. When it's New Year's night, she convinces Jessie to go to Times Square by saying Ryan Seacrest was there. She got to go and meet Austin.

In Nanny in Miami, she is appeared to be a crazy fan of Austin Moon and collects his hairs so she can make a clone of Austin.
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  • She is the only biological child of the Ross family.
  • She likes to have tea parties with Zuri.
  • Her favourite magazine is Leopard Beat.
  • She wants Jessie and Tony to date, showing that she ships Tessie.
  • She normally doesn't get long well with Luke.
  • She has a huge crush on Jordan Taylor.
  • She loves fashion and says that it's her duty to help the "fashion-challenged."
  • She is good at science and enters the science fair at her school every year.
  • She has broken her cell phone 3 times
  • She believed Zuri when told there was a sock fairy to clean up their mess.
  • She is afraid to wear 'last month's' fashion.
  • The role of Emma was originally named "Annabel Ross."
  • After Cattle Calls & Scary Walls she started to hate being in charge
  • Emma likes bad boys
  • She is good at photography.
  • She works hard in school.
  • She is a huge Austin Moon fan, revealed in Big Dreams & Big Apples.
  • She owns a MyTab (Parody of an iPad), but refers to it as a computer, as well as the rest of her family with MyTabs.
  • She made a best friend, Rosie, in Make New Friends,but Hide the Old.
  • She's into fashion like her Mother Christina Ross.


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