Pinball Panic
is a pinball based game featured on the Disney Channel website. It is based on the crossover Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year.

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Pla button

How to Play Pinball PanicEdit

The game is like basic pinball. You would use the left and right arrows on the keyboard, to control both paddles. To begin, you need to launch the ball by holding down the down arrow. Once the ball is released, the ball will start richochaying off the platforms earning you points. To control the ball properly, use the paddles to keep the ball going. If the paddles miss the ball, you will lose a ball. The aim of the game is to get the ball onto the ramp a certain amount of times per level. The ball can go on the ramp by aiming for the paddle below the ramp.

Game StructureEdit

In Free Play mode, you will need to complete 5 levels to win the game. You cannot proceed to the next level until you complete the level before it.

Free Play Mode Level Selection Screen

In Story Mode, there is a story that goes with the levels. It is the same structure as Free Play Mode, although it has a story.